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6 Flu Prevention Tips: This Season Be Proactive, Not Reactive
Wash your hands. Wash your hands frequently with warm, soapy water, for at least 20 seconds. A good rule of thumb is to sing two r <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> ounds of the “Happy Birthday” song to yourself. In addition to voracious hand washing, use a non-alcohol based hand sanitizer regularly, especially when you have limited access to a sink. This is very important when you are in public places like grocery stores or public transportation.
Get more sleep. We often overlook this one important factor for bolstering the body’s immunity. If getting the recommended eight hours of sleep is out of the question for you, do what you can to make the sleep you do get more restful: Avoiding afternoon caffeine will promote better sleep. Studies reveal consistent rest not only helps fight off cold and flu viruses, but also speeds up recovery time.
Use a saline spray for your nose. This may not sound like much fun, <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> but using an inexpensive saline spray or rinse is an effective way to flush bacteria and viruses out of your nose . Saline sprays can be purchased at any local pharmacy. As an alternative, use a neti pot salt-water rinse.
Eat more fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruit and vegetable intake can be challenging in the winter when the body craves starchy comfort foods, but the healthy immune benefits of these foods cannot be overstated. Vegetables and fruit are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants you need to maintain a healthy system. Fresh fruit makes wonderful snacks during the day and spruces up your morning breakfast. On the go? Blend the fruit for a wholesome smoothie. Make an effort to include vegetables in at least one meal a day: slow cook a veggie-based soup, steam some broccoli or green beans, or make a fresh salad with spinach and romaine.
Take a walk. Moderate exercise, like walking in as little as 30-minute increments, increases the body’s immune response. Studies show people who engage in such activity have significantly lower occurrences of upper respiratory tract infections. Further, the activity stimulates critical immune components l <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> ike natural killer cells which help you fight seasonal illness.
Stay home. Despite your best efforts, you still may wake up feeling under the weather. One of the easiest things you can do when you feel symptoms of a sickness coming on is to stay home and rest. Not only does this help prevent you from spreading germs, it allows you to replenish your body with necessary rest to speed up recovery. If your kids are sick, keep them home as well.

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A hunter had found the killer whales, also known as orcas, on Tuesday morning in the bay in northeastern Canada about one mile from shore. Two of the orcas appeared to be adults; the remaining nine were smaller in size, said Inukpuk, 61. Other reports said there were 12 orcas in the pod.Canada's fisheries and oceans department said it received confirmation from the community "that winds and tides shifted overnight, opening the ice that had trapped the whales." Two of its scientists were en route to Inukjuak to collect scientific information and work with the community.A video taken by villager Clement Rousseau on Tuesday revealed a tough situation facing the killer whales: the water opening appeared to be just large enough for a few of them to surface at a time.  They are in a confined area, Inukpuk told NBC News on Wednesday, noting then that there was no more open water. From time to time, they are in a panic state and other times they are gone for a long period of time, probably looking for another open water (space) which they are unable to find," Inukpuk said. "They k <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> doing much the same: they were going to remove the broken ice around the area and use chainsaws to enlargen the hole, which was getting increasingly smaller. A neighboring Inuit village had also offered a large chainsaw capable of cutting the ice. The villagers even got offers of help from far afield, including Germany and England."We were prepared to endure it, make their breathing hole bigge <a href={url}>{keyword}</a> r and create another breathing hole nearby. Enlarge it, going step by step," he said. "We were prepared to do that method because the closest icebreaker was ten days away without assistance they would not have made it."Clement RousseauKiller whales that were trapped in the ice near Inukjuak, photographed on Jan. 8, 2013.A Canadian fisheries official  that some icebreakers were being used in the Saint Lawrence River, where three commercial ships got stuck this week. Geoff Carroll, a wildlife biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game who helped release the two California gray whales, said Operation Breakthrough showed the power of the simpler methods. Our experience up here was that it seemed like the local knowledge and the low-tech approaches to working with the whales were the ones that worked best, Carroll said. It seemed like there were lots of high-tech efforts made to get those whales out and they kind of failed one after the other. What really worked was when we got local guys with chainsaws cutting one hole after another and we could kind of walk the whales out that way. |

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