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Cha cha cha

Cha cha cha

To je Latinoamerička igra.Postoje dve vrste ovog plesa - novi i stari.Osnovni korak novog ima osam koraka a starog deset.Ritam je Q-Q-Q-S-S-Q-Q-Q-S-S.
Osnovni korak za igračicu: 1.LN u levo,2.DN priključiti LN,3.LN ulevo,4.DN koso nazad,5.LN malo podići i spustiti je,6.DN koso napred i u stranu,7.LN priključiti DN,8.DN u desno,9.LN koso napred,10.DN malo podići i spustiti je.
Osnovno korak za igrača: 1.DN u desno,2.LN priključiti DN,3.DN u desno,4.LN koso napred,5.DN malo podići i spustiti je,6.LN koso nazad i u stranu,7.DN priključiti LN,8.LN u levo,9.DN koso nazad,10.LN malo podići i spustiti je.

Cha cha cha is Latin dance.Music is 4/4 time.
Cha Cha is either danced to authentic Latin music. The music for the ballroom Cha-cha-cha is energetic and with a steady beat.

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  This page can be useful to everyone who want to learn the basic skills of the dance. I'll explane social (public) dance which you can use in any opportunity (disco, party...or some other place).You can also read a few usefuly suggestions which would be nice to adopt and use in similar situations.You can not be a good dancer without hard learning and practice.And remember this: good dancer is not the one who makes a lot of different figures or fantastic steps.I wish you all best in your dance learning!!! myspace backgrounds

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